About Us

Global Trade Africa (GTA) is a pan-African definitive source for the latest business and market news, thought leadership, in-depth analysis and insights on African trade. Our content attracts key decision makers in business, government and civil society from across the globe seeking to gain insights into the economic activities and business opportunities in the world’s fastest growing continent. The upcoming implementation of the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is an exciting chance for Africa’s growth prospects. Through our website we aim to showcase the best Africa has to offer in terms of innovation, business ingenuity and entrepreneurial prowess from Africans lenses. Our agenda is to help facilitate business engagement between African businesses and countries by disseminating information and facilitating engagement. We believe intra-African trade, coupled with foreign direct investment will significantly set Africa on a rapid economic growth trajectory. Our mission is to highlight some of the work currently being done as well as draw attention to the opportunities for investment within the continent through our digital platforms.

Our Focus:

  • Africa Trade News
  • Investment & Finance
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Policy
  • Small Business News
  • Infrastructure
  • Markets
  • Post COVID-19 Recovery
  • Green Economy


  • Heads of states
  • Ministers
  • Diplomats
  • Trade agencies
  • Executives of developmental banks
  • C-suite executives of all kinds of businesses
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Investors and investment agencies



  • Through Leadership – be positioned as an expert on a subject matter by contributing technocratic articles on a particular topic related to Africa business/economics.
  • Brand Awareness – strengthens your company’s image and enhance your brand visibility to key investors and potential clients.
  • Traffic Driving – GTA will drive traffic to your website by directing our traffic from our social media platforms and through embedded links in our content, directing linking traffic to your website.
  • Lead Generation – generate new business contacts, leads and potential clients
  • Business opportunities – Find out how your organization can leverage opportunities presented by the AfCFTA.